Should you train a debt collector?

A theoretical survey and a literature review were undertaken to identify the elements involved in training debt collectors and how it benefits the industry. Firstly, as the content to be presented is debt collection and is not generic in nature, the purpose of this literature study includes the investigation and identification of the elements involved in debt collection services. This includes, inter alia, the study of computing technologies, identification of a design strategy for debt collection systems and identification of a model to define distributed objects as an object-oriented view of distributed systems. Read more


Benefits of Outsourcing to debt collectors

Free up your valuable time to generate more leads and revenue

Entrepreneurs from any part of the world no matter the size can get assistance from outsourced collectors.  Whether you are in the service industry or extend credit, there comes a time when your debtor that promised to make payments, do not honour that promise.  Check your balance sheets under the description bad debts and see for yourself, not the clock is ticking on your days outstanding. As soon as you realise your credit controller is not succeeding in her in house collections strategies, think of outsourcing to debt collectors. The longer the debt is unpaid, the less likely it is to ever collecting it, note that collection from hereon can be costly.  

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