A good name to the debt collection industry

It is with much sadness that we hear and read articles about debt recovery agents who overcharge debtors by raising fees that they are not entitled to or who do not apply the relevant caps established by law, simply to make extra money.

We at OVAG make use of an extremely intelligent system to maintain our compliance and ensure we collect no more than what is warranted. Due to the default in settling the debt, the collection fees are due by the debtor.

Our clients will pay a contingency commission that is affected by a unique criteria and not a flat rate across the board, as we believe that each client and debtor merits different scenarios. We follow a grading process that is fair to early and late delinquent debt.

OVAG SA is not part of the bad apples in the industry and is known for our customised solutions to assist in the collections process as and when we need.

We want our debtors to be rehabilitated after this temporary setback and urge quick settlements.

Every business is owed money at some point, but what do you do if the debtor decides not to pay up? Debt collection is the art of getting your invoices paid, and getting them paid on time and OVAG has the proper infrastructure and capacity to manage these outstanding invoices.

Bad debt collection is time consuming and better handled by professionals who understand the rights of the parties involved and mitigate fixed and settlement amounts.

For further info contact our offices and chat to one of our advisers to see how we can assist you in your debt collection process.

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