About Ovag Int. SA

About OVAG Int SA

OVAG International SA is an international collections and investigations company with the Holding company in Switzerland, together with offices in South Africa and United States of America. We specialise in the collection of disputed and undisputed receivables on a contingency fee basis – no cure no pay.

With 13 years of debt recovery experience in the complex, international market space, serving clients and collecting debts around the world, we have a tested and effective international model for debt recovery. Our primary goal is to provide integrated debt recovery services.

Communication is always important; often our single most frustrating reason for poor client service. We report on a monthly basis to our clients on each matter entrusted to us. We are registered with the relevant authorities in each jurisdiction that we operate in.


To rise beyond excellence in creating solutions through effective communication and becoming the collections specialist of choice.


To do common things in an uncommon way and command the attention of the world. To reshape and reengineer all concepts and technology that will exceed the expectations of all our stakeholders.

OVAG Int SA Core Values

To establish our organization as a world class communicator and facilitator
through solutions.

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Our approach is simple: no collection - no fee

We work only on the basis of commission that is deducted from the recovered amount. We retain the collection process and do not use agents or subcontractors unless absolutely necessary. For this reason we do not pursue legal action, except in unique cases, because we lose control of the recovery process.

What we specialise in

Debt Collection

The OVAG Int SA debt collection service allows our clients to focus on their core business. Our debt collection service allows you to maximise the utilization of in-house overheads.

Custom Collection Services

At OVAG Int SA we understand that flexibility is sometimes required. We will discuss on a client to client basis on a solution to suit your specific needs.

Call Centre

We have an upgraded infrastructure for our call centre with technological advancement such as: VOIP, Wireless, latest version of software for debtor’s management.

Our success – people we employ

OVAG International SA prides themselves in recruiting skilled employees and encourage them to expand their knowledge. OVAG frequently sends their employees to practical and informative training courses, to better serve our clients and stakeholders. Courses are presented on a monthly basis, and are scheduled several months in advance to enable employees to plan according. These training courses are set to meets the company’s operational requirements and standards.

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