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Gap cover and hospital cash plans here to stay

According to the new draft regulations, gap cover and hospital cash plans will continue to exist, but the selling of new primary healthcare insurance policies will probably be terminated with effect from April 1 2017 if the legislative process goes according to plan, and the final regulations become law. Read more


Managing Debt Collections in today’s currency

According to Harold Koontz, “Management is an art of getting things done through and with the people in formally organized groups. It is an art of creating an environment in which people can perform and individuals and can co-operate towards attainment of group goals”. Read more


How Technology can enhance optimal Debt collections

The rise of Debt outstanding in South Africa is alarming and increasing on a daily basis. Generally, most South Africans are affected by the inability to pay their bills and in some cases by their unwillingness to settle the Debts. Read more


The OVAG Int SA solution to your Worker’s Compensation claims

In addition to our existing and highly effective services, we at OVAG Int SA are proud to introduce our solution to your Worker’s Compensation claims, to make running your business that much easier. Read more


A good name to the debt collection industry

It is with much sadness that we hear and read articles about debt recovery agents who overcharge debtors by raising fees that they are not entitled to or who do not apply the relevant caps established by law, simply to make extra money.

We at OVAG make use of an extremely intelligent system to maintain our compliance and ensure we collect no more than what is warranted. Due to the default in settling the debt, the collection fees are due by the debtor. Read more



South Africa, like many developing countries has experienced a high number of the negligent debtors in the collection’s industry. The focus of this study is on describing the requirements in the training of debt collectors and how it benefits the industry, while suggesting the strategies for improving debt collecting training in South Africa.

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Should you train a debt collector?

A theoretical survey and a literature review were undertaken to identify the elements involved in training debt collectors and how it benefits the industry. Firstly, as the content to be presented is debt collection and is not generic in nature, the purpose of this literature study includes the investigation and identification of the elements involved in debt collection services. This includes, inter alia, the study of computing technologies, identification of a design strategy for debt collection systems and identification of a model to define distributed objects as an object-oriented view of distributed systems. Read more


Benefits of Outsourcing to debt collectors

Free up your valuable time to generate more leads and revenue

Entrepreneurs from any part of the world no matter the size can get assistance from outsourced collectors.  Whether you are in the service industry or extend credit, there comes a time when your debtor that promised to make payments, do not honour that promise.  Check your balance sheets under the description bad debts and see for yourself, not the clock is ticking on your days outstanding. As soon as you realise your credit controller is not succeeding in her in house collections strategies, think of outsourcing to debt collectors. The longer the debt is unpaid, the less likely it is to ever collecting it, note that collection from hereon can be costly.  

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Increasing medical debt

Medical Debt Collection Agencies focus on collections of medical outstanding debt.  This is where the patients or insurance companies have dishonoured their agreement to settle their claim. Agencies such as OVAG Int. SA often serve as a last resort for medical practices to collect monies from their patients in an effort to maintain a positive cash flow. Read more


Know your rights – Debt collectors code of conduct


The National Debt Collection Act 114 of 1998 regulates the process of collecting debts in South Africa. Debt Collection is when an attorney; a person who is an agent of an attorney; or a registered debt collector collects, on behalf of the client, the capital amount plus lawful interest and the debt collectors fee. Read more