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The importance of signing up with third party collection agencies

We should all be well aware of the pressures involved in the collections of outstanding debt as it becomes increasingly greater.  The economic situation with which we find ourselves are increasing. We need to ensure that we have the best processes available to assist in efficient collections.  Read more


Ever growing debt

Debt is owed by companies, individuals and investors.  Of the many things that are worrying investors around the world, from tumbling oil prices to the spectre of recession and deflation in Europe, one of the most important and least understood is Chinas debt that has been on a borrowing binge.  Read more



Call Centre’s are the major point of contact for serving customers and maintaining a healthy cash flow as well as generating new revenue. With the industry constantly transforming to meet market demands through customer experience, call centre’s can then be summed up not only as a method to generate new revenue, but a hub for both understanding customer demand and proactively managing it as the guardians of customer experience. Read more


Garnishment orders

MicroFinance South Africa (MFSA) released a report, researched by Econometrix, making the case for increasing the caps on credit fees and interest rates that were set in 2007 with the promulgation of the National Credit Act. Read more


Call Centre Collection Strategies Conference

OVAG Int SA will be speaking at the Call Centre Collection Strategies Conference at Emperors Palace in Kempton Park, Johannesburg. Read more


Interesting Trends

We have noticed some interesting trends in the market recently. Amongst these are the rise in food prices possibly causing an increase in inflation. South African consumers experience severe strain on their cash flow thereby falling into debt. Exposure to credit tempts the consumer to fall into this pitch. Read more


The National Credit Regulator – Credit Amnesty

According to the Citizen, 12 June 2014, The National Credit Regulator on Wednesday clarified the “credit amnesty”, a new regulation pertaining to the credit records of consumers which came into effect last month. Read more


Repaying Debt

Legal consequences of defaulting on debt obligations.

If a consumer has any problems repaying their debts, the first thing to do is to contact the creditors immediately. If they do not make an alternative payment arrangement with the creditor, the creditor can hand the matter over to a debt collector or lawyer who will take legal action against the consumer to recover the money owing. If this happens the consumer will end up paying much more for the debt, because of extra interest and legal charges, and will definitely be worse off than before. Read more


Women consistently better at managing their credit than men

The Credit Bureau Association (CBA) today released statistics revealing that despite accounting for the majority of South Africa’s almost 20 million credit active consumers, women are better at managing their credit than men.

According to the CBA’s records 51% of South Africa’s credit active population are women and even though women make up the majority, they are doing a better job at managing their credit reputation than men. Read more


National credit act – amendment bill

Credit Providers contract various Service Providers and Agents in the Credit Risk and Recoveries process such as, but not limited to: Attorneys, Debt Recovery Agents, Managing Agents, Credit Bureaux, Electronic Payment System Operators, Tracing Agents, Factoring Houses and Auctioneers to sell the debt. The issue of “what” to embody in the various contracts and “how much” to charge either the Credit Provider or the Consumer remains an issue for debate – or as we prefer to say: “It’s as clear as mud”. Read more