Call Centre’s are the major point of contact for serving customers and maintaining a healthy cash flow as well as generating new revenue. With the industry constantly transforming to meet market demands through customer experience, call centre’s can then be summed up not only as a method to generate new revenue, but a hub for both understanding customer demand and proactively managing it as the guardians of customer experience.

Wittlinger, 2008, mentions how collections have become an important service to not only maintain clients but to maintain the evolving strategic process that is key to generating a good payment culture among clients. Collections can also be seen as a business activity with its primary goal being to generate returns for the institution, and converting losses into income. OVAG’s call centre managers are entrusted with maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of a collections call centre, the challenge then requires the ability to adapt to evolving market situations. For the purpose of achieving this end, the OVAG Int. SA constantly seeks areas ranging from human resources and innovations to drive successful collections rates.

The question is whether to collect in house or consult with an agency.

  • In house – strive to maintain the customer – good relations
  • The collections agency (OVAG) – primary incentive is to collect outstanding debt on a no collection no fee basis.
  • Agencies are regulated and governed by the DCA.
  • In house collections are exempt but have to still take responsibility for protecting consumer privacy, avoiding fraudulent practices and most importantly, maintaining a positive reputation for their firm

The collections industry faces unprecedented challenges, including rising costs and deteriorating debt portfolios that are eroding the margins for collections agencies. Contact OVAG Int. SA to offer a suitable solution for your collections needs.

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