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OVAG International South Africa is a debt collection company that aligns its debt collection services to focus on effective communication to benefit businesses of all sizes.

Our customer centered approach is to increase their revenue with the first prize being low bad debts and high cash flows. Our business is solutions driven and aimed at customising workflows.

Our skilled and dedicated agents are hand picked to ensure we focus on our client’s needs and their various different projects.

Our resources include intelligent infrastructure that is current and sophisticated. Our different collections software are aligned to the recent advancements in technology.

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OVAG International SA strives to reach a high success rate in collecting outstanding debt. By outsourcing, you gain the benefits of the specialisation and expertise of an international company and focused attention of recoveries. Our client-driven methodology rests upon Client Relationship Managers who liaise with and report to clients on a monthly basis.
Our debt collections services includes all forms of communication, negotiating, default credit record listing, pre legal, and legal services. The benefit of utilising OVAG’s services is that you will experience staff that are highly skilled, professional, dedicated and focused attention, not to mention maintaining confidentially.


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Our Fees

We operate on a no collection no commission basis.

  • No costs are incurred by the client in the collections and pre legal stage. This is for the debtors account and is in accordance with the Fees Debt Collectors Act.
  • In accordance with fees and expenses as prescribed by the DCC (Debt collectors Council)
  • Legal fees – A minimal fee for legal work, sherrifs fee, drawing up of summons will be billed to our client, upon consultation and agreement with our client. This is only done if the client wishes to pursue the matter further.
  • Monthly Remittances and invoices will be send out by our debtors clerk, detailing all capital handed over, costs incurred by the debtor and commission incurred by the client. Payments received will first be allocated to costs and then to the capital. Where the debtor has paid you directly (PTC), we invoice you to get our costs back.
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With over 13 years of debt recovery experience in a complex, international marketplace, serving clients and collecting debts around the world, we have a tested and effective international model for debt recovery.