How Technology can enhance optimal Debt collections

The rise of Debt outstanding in South Africa is alarming and increasing on a daily basis. Generally, most South Africans are affected by the inability to pay their bills and in some cases by their unwillingness to settle the Debts.

Diminishing economic growth and spiking interest rates are the finer culprits to add to the Debt dillema faced in South Africa. Outstanding Debt includes residual Debt, medical Debt, commercial Debt as well as living expenses. Creditors extend services and products to their customers in the hope that their due revenue can be generated. Lo and behold, this is not the reality.

Whilst consumers are struggling to service their Debt obligations, Debt collectors are facing the difficulties of this challenge in collections. Many consumers are consulting with Debt councillors and seeking advise from Debt reviewers to mitigate their stance.

To boost collections interventions and performance successfully, the use of upgraded, current and reliable collections infrastructure becomes necessary for the Debt collections space. Internal and external collectors make the use of various structures and interventions to locate Debtors locally and abroad. A well developed system will assist in electonic, desktop and field communication to compliment the collections interventions.

As OVAG International South Africa embraces the technological advancements, our Debt collections arena is fully capable to migrate to newer enhancements within the early and diliquent Debt collections stages. Reports and feedback are simplified and communicable.

OVAG Int. SA prides itself in offering discounts, settlements and affordable payment plans to end this crisis by the use of latest infrastructure. This helps us to become Debt collectors of choice. We enjoy the ability of integration of current legislation into our collections model.

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