The importance of signing up with third party collection agencies

We should all be well aware of the pressures involved in the collections of outstanding debt as it becomes increasingly greater.  The economic situation with which we find ourselves are increasing. We need to ensure that we have the best processes available to assist in efficient collections.  A holistic approach must be taken in order to optimise the collections process and be successful.   The right skill set and the operational expertise work as a good combination to enhance collections.


The advancement of technology systems are becoming more integrated and customer centric.  Embedded with this culture is scoring and strategies that are a common place for collections and recoveries.


Virtual call centres and internet collections are proving more cost effective and available tools must be utilised effectively. Management must understand the skill set and develop optimal strategies for capacity. New technologies should be embraced with the key stakeholders in mind; the debtor, the client, the organisation and the collector.


To optimise these solutions, collections must own the solutions and become the specialist in the sector. Only by having a holistic overview and challenged overview can collections become successful.


OVAG Int SA has developed and focused direction in the operations department.  Each agent is assigned a book in accordance to their task, tone and skill.  Contact us or enter your details for more information to allow us to further introduce you to our collections methodologies.

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