Managing Debt Collections in today’s currency

According to Harold Koontz, “Management is an art of getting things done through and with the people in formally organized groups. It is an art of creating an environment in which people can perform and individuals and can co-operate towards attainment of group goals”.

F.W. Taylor wrote “Management is an art of knowing what to do, when to do and see that it is done in the best and cheapest way”.

Management, as an activity, art or a profession is an essential part of our operations process to ensure successful outcomes. As with the COLLECTION OF OUTSTANDING DEBT, the activities that surround this art, becomes a profession for many in our industry.

To be a master DEBT COLLECTOR, an impeccable degree of good manners correlate with excellent communication skills. When engaging with a debtor, it is always good practice to understand the nature of the debt and the laws that govern both the collector and the debtor. Collectors are being attacked when they are reached by debtors and are always the victim. Professional communication is a must and should be exercised even when the debtor takes over the call.

Our collections expertise and environment creates an atmosphere in which people can co-operate towards the attainment of our goals: to reach maximum collections percentages for our clients and to ensure that settlement is made fairly quickly.

Debt Collections is our art of knowing what to do, when to do and to see that it is being done correctly.

If your business needs professional, trained debt collectors, then contact our offices to arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements.

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